Carol Myers-Scotton is now affiliated with Michigan State University as an adjunct professor in the Department of Linguistics and Languages, and also a visiting scholar at the MSU African Studies Center. She retired in 2003 from the University of South Carolina where she was a Carolina Distinguished Professor.

Specializations: language contact, often dealing with the Bantu languages of Eastern and Southern Africa; also sociolinguistics (especially socio-pragmatics). She is best known for her studies on codeswitching.

Short Summaries of the Uniform Structure Principle, the MLF Model and the 4-M Model

Bilingualism: Language and Cognition (pdf file) (December 2013)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf file) (August 2017)

Education includes:
• PhD (Linguistics) 1967, UW-Madison, Wisconsin
• MA (English) UW-Madison, Wisconsin
• BA (political science) Grinnell College